Two million fewer miles driven

“Like every other part of society, we dread to think of the amount of resources used and thrown away in PPE, and we look forward to a time when we can reduce this waste without putting lives at risk. But in other ways, Covid has had a positive impact on our environment.”

“Take mileage, for example. Dimensions colleagues drove 2 million fewer miles last year than the year before – and that is without considering commutes and other travel types (which we can’t calculate.)

“Much of the mileage reduction will be sustained. Dimensions has gone a long way to becoming a home working organisation for our business support colleagues, putting a permanent end to the rush hour pollute (which does not change our ongoing commitment to crossing the threshold of the people we support on a very frequent basis.)

“So many more people are now online that we’ve also decided to discontinue the Group’s biannual printed newsletter; we now communicate more often by email (with letters for families that remain offline) – improving the quality and frequency of our communication whilst saving natural resources at the same time.

“Finally, we are working with Somerset Waste Partnership to ensure learning disabled residents of Somerset are familiar with and able to engage with changing recycling arrangements across the county.”

Photo of Stella Cheetham
Stella Cheetham

Stella Cheetham brings extensive HR experience from the private, public and voluntary sectors to her role of Group Director of People and Organisational Development at Dimensions.

Stella recognises that recruiting, training and engaging people with the right skills and values is essential to ensure that the people we support and their families receive the best possible support and service.

Stella and her team are committed to achieving Dimensions 2020 vision of becoming the exemplar organisation delivering outcomes-focussed care and support.