The war in Ukraine

We know that many colleagues and people we support and their families are horrified by the unfolding crisis in Ukraine.

In response to requests from colleagues and from the Dimensions Council – the representative body of people we support – Dimensions has made a donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ukrainian appeal. We are planning our ongoing response to the crisis and have adopted the following broad principles:

  • Dimensions stands with Ukraine. We are not neutral on the war and believe that the Russian government has, without provocation, invaded a sovereign democratic nation at the heart of Europe. In accordance with our values, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.
  • We affirm that this war is not the fault of the people of Russia.
  • We will follow government guidance, which at present favours financial donations rather than donations of goods.
  • We will celebrate colleagues and people we support doing whatever they can to demonstrate solidarity with the Ukrainian people.
  • Dimensions will not do direct business with any Russian company.
  • We will work in partnership with other organisations in our sector to support the freedom and safety of Ukrainians and especially those with learning disabilities.
  • We will continue to explore all avenues for supporting the Ukrainian people.
  • We will share helpful updates from others, such as this easy read document produced by our friends at United Response which explains the war for people we support.