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Supported employment enquiries

Work means far more than money and productivity. It means self-esteem, confidence and social opportunity.

People supported into employment by Dimensions have real jobs, where they can fulfill their employment aspirations and achieve social and economic inclusion.

Many people are informally supported into employment by Dimensions as part of their support plans.

Through our dedicated supported employment service, which follows the British Association of Supported Employment’s best practice approach, we support other individuals into employment who do not necessarily meet traditional criteria for ‘job readiness’ or ‘employability’.

Mark Brueford, for example, is a young man from Somerset with Aspergers who now works as a production operative at a local recycling firm. Read his story.

Ours is a flexible and continuous process, from getting to know people and employers, all the way through to career development and the planned “fade out” of the job coaches who facilitate the whole process.

At Dimensions, we know from experience that with the right support, it is possible for almost anyone with learning disabilities to do a productive job.

And crucially, through raising self-esteem and social interaction, supported employment can often result in overall reductions to support costs.

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