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It’s all about the cwtch!

Like many couples across the country Angela and Mike spent last Valentine’s day apart. They’ve also missed seeing each other for two Christmases and birthdays. This year they’re celebrating with dinner and a cwtch, or cuddle!

Angela and Mike have been dating for almost 4 years. They met playing pool in their local pub. They also enjoyed dates ten pin bowling together. When Covid hit this life was brought to an abrupt halt, Angela was classed as medically vulnerable and, as they don’t live together, they couldn’t meet up.

Angela and Mike were shown how to use the FaceTime app, it became a lifeline. Soon they were able to see each other in the morning and evening, and would pass many happy hours chatting to each other. Telling Mike she loved him and being able to see his face helped Angela cope with lockdown.

An easing of restrictions meant that Angela and Mike were able to have a socially distanced exchange of gifts in his back garden last year for their 3rd anniversary.

A socially distanced anniversary

With further easing, triple vaccinated, both having a negative lateral flow test and their temperatures taken, they finally had their first cwtch in 23 months last week in a café!

And finally their long awaited cwtch

Angela’s face lights up as she talks about Mike.

“We all love Mike and know how important he is to Angela so we wanted to do everything we could to support them through the lockdown and covid”, says locality manager Tracy Folland “mind you now they’ve had their cwtch Angela wants to know when they can share a kiss! She knows how important it is to be careful and she’s happy to wait… for now!”