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Smile! You’re on camera

Robyn is used to seeing her mum face to face on a regular basis, but having to shield due to Covid-19 and not being able to have physical contact made this difficult.

Robyn really benefits from contact with her mum and, not wanting her to miss out on this, her team decided to try video chat as an alternative. She was supported by her support worker, Dee to set up the video chat, with Dee holding the phone so Robyn could hear and see her mum.

Robyn smiled and giggled throughout the call

Robyn was happy, smiling and holding the phone close and giggling with her mum on the phone.

After sharing the story on our Facebook page, Robyn’s mum commented

It was a great way of Robyn and her mum to still stay in touch, and more importantly, still have a giggle together.

Dee shared that, “Video chat, we believe, is the next best thing to giving your friends and family the big hug that is not possible at the moment.”

The team found it such a positive experience they are going to continue to use it in future.