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Wendy’s Future is Bright

Since becoming supported by Dimensions Cymru, Wendy’s quality of life has greatly improved. This is a testament to the real shared ambition and belief on the part of Wendy and those around her, and plenty of hard work by her support team.

She is a very caring lady who loves the company of others. Keeping her busy with lots of activities is important to overcome boredom. So with the help of her support team, she has tried lots of new things that she has not previously been able to do, like swimming, meals out and travelling to new places.

Wendy loves to walk

She loves to draw, colour and do puzzles, however, this was previously difficult as she has pica and therefore a tendency to try to eat whatever she is holding. The team suggested trying a tablet computer which so far has proved a safer, successful option.

Wendy is a very intelligent, happy, confident lady whose future is looking very bright with great support. We hope she continues to shine and has the quality of life she truly deserves.