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All aboard the Wetwheels speedboat

Nina recently enjoyed a fabulous day out after her parents arranged a trip on a speedboat with Wetwheels.

Nina has learning disabilities and lives in her own home supported by two support staff. Wetwheels, based in Whitby Yorkshire, provide trips on their specialised speed boats that are accessible for people with disabilities.

Nina’s family and her support workers joined Nina for the trip. It provided a great opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy the day out at sea. The trips that Wetwheels run help provide people with disabilities with more confidence and experiences that they may not otherwise get to take part in.

The adapted boats means that the experience is available to all.

Her carer Steph, who supports Nina said:

“The adapted speedboat meant that Nina was able to be pushed to the front of the boat to get a closer view and enjoy the ride. Her wheelchair was able to be locked in place keeping her safe.

The accessible speedboat meant that we were all able to enjoy the day together.”

Nina loved the ride!

Working closely and building up relationships between support workers and family members is an important part of the support provided by Dimensions. Working in partnership means that the people who they care for get the best care and support based on their needs.

After the speedboat experience Nina has also discovered the love of audio books. These are played in her sensory room to help her relax. She enjoys this activity without the need of her support staff, which provides her with own ‘me-time’.

To find out more about Wetwheels visit their website.

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