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Born to be Wild!

Getting your first car is a life changing moment. It provides a sense of independence – suddenly you have the freedom to explore the world around you. At the age of 60, Ken* recently took delivery of his first car and it has opened up his world.

Richard*, Ken’s Support Worker, explains:

“Since Ken’s car has arrived we’ve gone on many trips. He now has membership to the National Trust and the local Beamish museum. He loves exploring and walking in the countryside, going shopping and visiting Whitby.”

As with much of life, the journey can be as important as the destination. Richard continues:

“First Ken likes to choose the music. He has a varied taste so one day we listen to Radio 1 and the next it might be Classic FM. He chooses the station that suits him. He enjoys moving to the tunes being played.”

Sensory entertainment is very important to Ken: he loves to have the windows down so that he can feel the wind on his face as they drive along.

Assistant Locality Manager for Darlington, Alex Watson, said:

“His car and the local attraction passes for Beamish and the National Trust that the staff team have worked hard on, of their own initiative, have changed Ken’s life. They have opened up a world of history, forests and new walks to Ken that would not be so easily accessible for him otherwise.

“Ken is a keen walker and likes to spend time out in the northern countryside.

“The team’s success with Ken has been mirrored by, Ken’s housemate, Carol*, getting her own vehicle which has allowed her to also explore the local area more easily.

“I think it is important for people to see the amazing work our staff do every day and how together we are changing people’s lives for the better and helping them to live life on their own terms, whatever the barriers.”

In the words of Steppenwolf “Get your motor running. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure…” We hope you continue to enjoy your new independence, Ken!

*Not his real image used. Names have been changed to protect privacy.