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Not all heroes wear capes… Some wear aprons!

Let us introduce you to one of our heroes: Sarah.

Sarah owns Café 19 in Wakefield. She has been making small changes to improve accessibility and has welcomed the people we support. It is now a regular haunt and a place for them to come together as part of the community.

Café 19 has become a safe place for them to come together in their community and socialise.

Her changes have included:

  • Larger writing on her menus, with photos of items so people can see what they are ordering.

“I like coming in it makes me feel safe, I can come in on my own and get help from Sarah to read the menu and order”

  • Recommend-a-dish competitions, welcoming suggestions from her customers on what they’d like to have included. Winning suggestions also get the chance to cook the dish with her!
  • Occasionally people pop in unsupported, Sarah will make sure they have a drink, even if they can’t pay at the time.

Sarah’s café is all about community and in this spirit she also hosts a free ‘Customers Christmas party’ each year for her café regulars. She also recently put together an impressive buffet spread for a gentleman’s 60th party as her present to him.

Sarah, we thank you, you are our kind of hero!