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Dimensions colleagues feature on BBC Radio Solent to discuss STOMP

This morning Dave Robinson, our Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager and Laurie, a support worker in the South, were featured on a BBC Radio Solent feature alongside a lady we support called Katie.

The feature was about the NHS England initiative STOMP – how to stop the over medication of people with learning disabilities.

It is estimated that around 30-40,000 people with learning disabilities in the UK are suffering from the ill-effects of unnecessary psychotropic medications.

47 year old Katie’s story is a prime example of how reducing medication can have a drastic effect on someone’s health and well-being.

Dave said “Some medications can have an enormously detrimental effect on people and it’s life-changing when someone like Laurie speaks out on the person’s behalf.”

“Medication should only ever be used as a last resort and should always be used alongside other support strategies that don’t involve medication like active support or positive behaviour support.”

Listen to the full feature from 1.39.05 – 1.43.15.

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