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Learning a new skill and inspiring the next generation

A group of 16-18 year olds in Bath recently received an amazing experience, and hopefully learned a few new skills along the way, from two of the people we support.

In January Dimensions was asked by the City of Bath College if they would be able to run a workshop for some of their students as part of “Learn a Skill day”, Trina Bright explains:

“We have attended similar events previously at the college, so we were of course delighted to be offered the opportunity to do another. I was excited to accept.

“To provide maximum benefit to the students I felt it would be great if some of the people we support could run the workshop with me. I approached Dawn and Alan and they were happy to get involved. I knew that hearing directly from Dawn and Alan would be much more impactful”

The trio set about planning the content of the day together. They decided to begin with a twist on the traditional “Introductions” by teaching everyone how to sign “My name is…” This would get all the students actively involved with the session.

Students learning to sign their names

Trina then explained who Dimensions were and what we do: To further demonstrate how we work, Dawn and Trina had a conversation about what constitutes good support. They then ran a group exercise on what attribute make a great support worker.

Alan gave a presentation on his role as a Dimensions employee and how he is supported in this.

The planning paid off! All the students who attended enjoyed the team’s session. Trina continues:

If fact the day was such a success that we have been asked back to continue our collaboration with the college. Raising awareness and knowledge of the importance of person centered support to a new generation.