Positive Behaviour Support

Improving quality of life and reducing behaviours of distress

Research and long experience tell us that most behaviours described as challenging result from a failure to understand a person’s distress.

At Dimensions we use Positive Behaviour Support to help people like Isabelle, Gillian, Paul and Richard improve their quality of life, reduce distressed behaviour, and eliminate restraint as a management strategy.

Juanita and Lynsey hugging
Our team develop person-centred strategies that help people to lead full lives in the community

Our Behaviour Support team focuses on developing person-centred strategies that help people to lead full lives in the community and avoid more costly interventions.

Our approach combines years of experience with best practice in the field, including NICE guidance and the PBS Competence Framework.

We work closely with relatives and support teams, providing hands on training to ensure they have the skills they need to implement a person’s behaviour support programme.

In addition to standard trigger reduction strategies, we have worked hard to develop more technical strategies aimed at teaching people new skills.

Teaching people the skills they need to live the life they want

Our Consultant Behaviour Analysts are trained in sophisticated behavioural skills-teaching techniques. They teach the person what to do when they encounter a trigger for their challenging behaviour.

This approach adds to a person’s skills set and increases their independence. It is the best way to bring about long-term positive changes in behaviour. And it frequently leads to cost savings through reduced need for high staffing levels.

We know that people can learn positive alternatives to challenging behaviour, communicating more effectively and leading happier and less distressed lives.

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