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How Zoe lost over five stone, and changed her life

Zoe has a learning disability and, when she first embarked on her weight loss journey, nobody expected to see such a positive change.

Since her first Slimming World meeting in 2014, her life has changed – she’s lost her target 5.5 stone, exercises regularly and cooks her own meals.

women's slimming world weight loss before after photo

Zoe has come a long way. But, things used to be different.

Before losing weight

Her self esteem was low and her outlook on life, and herself, was often negative.

“Zoe would be verbally and physically aggressive towards her support team on a frequent basis, but this has reduced dramatically since losing weight. Having other things to focus on makes her happy” – Nichola, Locality Manager

Zoe is supported in her own home, 24 hours a day. Before her transformation, staff turnover was high and her challenging behaviour was a major cause for concern.

Then she made a decision.

Zoe’s weight loss journey

With support from her team, Zoe went to her first Slimming World meeting. She met her local representatives, Maxine and Jenny, and everyone started working together to change her lifestyle.

This started with planning meals in advance and, every Sunday, she now completes her meal planner for the week. Using recipe ideas from her slimming world magazines, she writes a shopping list and stocks up on supplies.

Over the week, with support, Zoe cooks her meals and monitors what she’s eating – making sure there’s time for treats and her celebratory post weigh-in takeaway of chicken nuggets and chips from the local chip shop.

How Zoe has changed

All of this has contributed to a change that is more than just physical. Her challenging behaviour has reduced significantly and she’s more outgoing than ever before.

Nichola is very proud of how far Zoe has come. She said: “Now everyone comments on how well Zoe has done and her great figure, this gives Zoe a huge boost in confidence and positive reinforcement.”

Swimming, playing football and shopping for clothes to suit her new size 10 figure keeps Zoe busy. She participated in the Dimensions Games and is currently training to complete the Race for Life.

Everyone is extremely proud of what Zoe has achieved, and so is she. Her walls are adorned with Slimming World certificates; she even won the Greatest Loser of the Year Award and was presented with a sash, which she treasures.

Why Slimming World worked for Zoe

  • She had support from her group
  • She could take control of her meals
  • She made key achievements along the way
  • She enjoyed it