Autism friendly screenings adjustments

Some autism friendly screenings are cancelled due to Covid-19. Please visit this webpage for updates and statements about autism friendly cinemas and Covid-19.

Autism friendly adjustments are designed to make the cinema more inclusive and accessible for people with sensory sensitivities, and others who can benefit.

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Adjustments are guidelines we share with our partner cinemas and in our free training for other chains and independent cinemas. We encourage all cinemas to personalise their screenings to their audience and help guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Adjustments include

Our training helps cinema staff understand autism and how to help autistic guests really enjoy their cinema experience. It also lists the key adjustments needed for a performance to be labelled as ‘autism friendly.’ These include:

If you have any feedback about how autism friendly is handled at our partner cinemas: ODEON, Cineworld, Vue, Showcase, Picturehouse and Everyman, please contact us. Please speak with other cinemas directly.

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