Free autism friendly training for cinemas

Over 90% of people with autism would go to the cinema more often if there were more screenings available. That’s why our autism friendly training is free for all cinemas. Click here to take the training.

The short video and guide will give you all the information you need to host high quality sensory friendly and inclusive cinema screenings. Use the buttons below to start your journey.

Why host autism friendly screenings?

Autism friendly screenings have had over 400,000 visits with frequent requests for more options and more opportunities.

80% of people with autism told us they have felt excluded from their community because they worry about being judged. But autism friendly screenings provide a reason to leave the house and help people feel part of their community:

The feedback is clear; people with autism often feel excluded and simply want the same opportunities as other people to enjoy their communities and the cinema.

That’s why, if you take the training, you can apply to be included in our directories. We share these with over 25,000 social media followers and will be included in the 20,000+ monthly views our autism friendly screenings webpages get.

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