Covid-19 guidance for cinemas

The pandemic has been an uncertain time for cinemas and guests but, when possible, we’d love to see a return of autism friendly screenings. We have developed guidance for you to use in conjunction with our autism friendly screenings guidance to host your own during the pandemic.

This guidance is available for every cinema across the country to use for free. We consulted autism experts and cinema industry experts to make sure it covers everything you need to know.

We have also written some key messages for you to use to promote and share your autism friendly screenings during the pandemic.

Remember to tell us if you’re hosting autism friendly screenings by completing this form! We might be able to help you promote them.

Watch the video and use the buttons below to take the training.

We worked with the UK Cinema Association and autism experts to produce the guidance.

The training includes:

  • A short video that gives you an insight into autism friendly screenings
  • Covid-19 specific guidance
  • Our national autism friendly screenings guidance
  • Free resources to download

By taking the training and hosting your own autism friendly screenings, you’re helping the 80% of people with autism who feel excluded from their community access an experience many people take for granted.

Take the training now

Your cinema and staff are just a few steps away from hosting high quality and inclusive autism friendly screenings. Watch the video and use the buttons below to complete it now.

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Watch the video and use the buttons below to take the training.