Autism friendly screenings FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions for our autism friendly cinema screenings.

If you would have any more questions, please get in touch.

Which cinemas do you work with?

We work with ODEON, Cineworld, Vue, Showcase, Picturehouse and Everyman cinemas to run our autism friendly screenings across the country.

We also provide free online training for any cinema across the country – some of those cinemas may be featured in our directory but we don’t work directly with them and can’t promise the same high standards.

Other cinemas run the screenings independent of us and our training, but we don’t work with them and can’t promise the same high standards.

Are autism friendly cinema screenings just for people with autism?

No. There are a number of sensory differences made to the cinema environment that might make these screenings more attractive to people with autism.

But, the screenings are for anyone that feel they would benefit. This might be someone with another sensory sensitivity or a learning disability.

Do carers get in for free?

Allowing carers in for free is at the discretion of our partner cinemas and their staff. To guarantee a free place for a carer you can apply for a CEA Card. We also ask cinemas to make concessions for carers if they don’t accept the CEA Card.

A CEA Card stands for Cinema Exhibitors Association Card. The CEA Card is a national concessionary card developed by the UK Cinemas’ Association for UK cinemas.

By purchasing one, it allows a person who meets their criteria to take a carer or a support worker into the cinema with them for free. This card is independent from Dimensions but all our participating cinemas accept it.

There’s a small fee for processing and postage but it guarantees free entry for a carer at all our partner cinemas. When booking tickets online you may need to register the card to your profile before it applies the discount. Apply for your CEA Card.

Picturehouse cinemas also accept a Carers Card, which you can apply for at your local Picturehouse cinema.

Do I need to prove I have autism?

No, you should never be asked to prove your autism diagnosis at one of our partner cinemas.

Our autism friendly cinema screenings are open for people who have other sensory sensitivities, as well as those on the autism spectrum.

However, if you don’t have a CEA Card and request free entry for a carer they may be asked to show their ID, such as a workers card or ID badge.

Can siblings and friends come?

Yes, we understand people are more likely to enjoy the film if they can go with friends or family. As part of the autism friendly adjustments we deliberately don’t fill theatres to capacity.

Please exercise judgment when bringing friends and family and take other guests into consideration.

Are the cinema screenings wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our participating partner cinemas have wheelchair access.

Each cinema has a different number of wheelchair spaces and the number of wheelchair users that can be accommodated in each screen is limited, due to the building and safety. The best way to ensure that you have a wheelchair space is to book your tickets at the earliest opportunity.

What if we need extra adjustments?

We understand autism is different for everyone and our partner cinemas understand some visitors may need different adjustments.

You are welcome to contact your local participating cinema before the autism friendly screening to discuss how they can best accommodate your needs – this might mean turning the volume down a little lower or visiting the cinema before the screenings to get used to the layout.

The cinemas will try to accommodate your needs, taking other guests into consideration too.

Do I have to book my ticket in advance?

No. You can buy your ticket at your local cinema on the day of the screening.

There have been some instances where autism friendly cinema screenings have sold out so if this is a concern, you may wish to book your ticket in advance.

If you require a wheelchair space we recommend that you do book your ticket in advance as there are limited wheelchair spaces.

You can book tickets through the cinema websites, at the cinema or through their booking phoneline, if available.

How do you decide which films to show?

Our partner cinemas choose the film, with our guidance, based on popular releases.

The films are chosen to appeal to as many people as possible and give people choice.

Lots of people have contacted us and given their suggestions about the types of films that they feel would be suitable, and we take this feedback into account.

How do I make a complaint or give feedback about my experience?

We recommend you speak directly with your local cinema at the time of the screening, or there are other ways you can get in touch.

If it’s concerning one of our partner cinemas, it’s important we know when the adjustments aren’t fully in place so we can maintain and improve our high standards.

We also love to hear about the difference our screenings are making so please do share your story.

Each cinema has their own customer service team, you can find the details on their website.

You can get in touch with ODEON directly at

You are welcome to speak to us directly, and we will discuss your comments with the cinemas. Use the button below to get in touch.

If you have feedback about a cinema we don’t partner with (a smaller chain or independent cinema) please speak with them directly. However, if you have a positive story about the work they’re doing on autism friendly screenings please let us know so we can give them the recognition they deserve.

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