Dimensions responds to Budget 2021 announcement

In today’s budget, the Chancellor set out a plan for the UK’s economic recovery, ending with a statement that the government was following through on the commitments it made to the British people following the 2019 election.

The absence of any mention of social care is therefore galling. Not only was long term reform of social care a manifesto commitment, but those who receive support have been some of those most deeply impacted by the pandemic and those who work in social care have repeatedly risen to the challenges presented by COVID-19 as vital key workers. For many, the fact that reform and funding for these critical public services has not even been mentioned will be greatly disappointing.

We want to see a UK recovery that takes everyone along with it, where people who have social care support are equal and valued members of their communities. Alongside many others, Dimensions has responded to budget after budget to express our frustration at long term reform for social care being kicked down the road. Yet again, it is clear that we must wait for much needed priority and care to be given to the people who receive social care and those that support them.


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