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Supported Living

Dimensions Cymru predominantly delivers supported living – that is, support for people living in their own home, alone or with other people.

Our experience with people with behaviour that challenges and complex needs means we know that people can be supported to live in their own home.

Everyone has different needs so the amount of support we offer varies – some people have 24 hour support, while others may need only a few hours a day. We may provide the support in a property owned by others, or act as the landlord.

Within supported living schemes we provide highly personalised support, based on each individual’s views, needs and preferences. We support people to manage their tenancies, access the community and develop independent living skills.

We promote choice and inclusion. By listening to the people and families we support, we shape support that is as individual as they are.

Involving the people we support and their families in the creation of their support plan is key to a success. We make sure each person is involved in their support via the recruitment of their staff teams.

We use staff matching tools to identify characteristics of the ideal Support Worker and create bespoke job adverts with the person we support and their families. They are then involved in the shortlisting and interviewing of each person and decide who they would like to work with.

We believe that each person we support should have opportunities to learn new things and enjoy the activities they wish to do. Becoming part of the local community enables individuals to live an active and inclusive life.

Dimensions Cymru is developing particular expertise in supporting people out of Assessment and Treatment Units and other institutions, into this type of living arrangement.

We have registered domiciliary care offices across the country, with each office covering supported living and other services, in a defined geographical area.

Find out about our domiciliary care offices in Cymru, Wales.

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