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Applied Behaviour Analysis

Our Applied Behaviour Analysis support is designed to help young people – with high levels of support needs – to make the transition into adult support go as smoothly as possible.

Available for young people with autism whose behaviour may challenge, our ABA support will help your loved one become more resilient and gain the key life skills they will need to thrive in adulthood.

We focus on choice and control, working with you and your loved one to transition from the structured world of children’s support to the more self-determined world of adult support.

What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a research-based therapeutic approach that may be appropriate to help some young people and adults with behaviours that challenge. It may help to:

  • reduce the use of physical interventions
  • develop daily living skills
  • develop social skills and communication
  • develop independence with an overall aim of reducing paid support.

Our ABA support programme helps develop a support plan that incorporates a detailed functional assessment. This is conducted by our behaviour consultant, and helps us understand the roots of any challenging behaviour.

We will train your relative’s support team in enhanced understanding and practical delivery of ABA techniques and Positive Behaviour Support interventions – as well as bespoke training for their individual needs.

Reducing restrictive practices

Our support is underpinned by PROACT SCIPr UK® – this training helps our staff identify triggers and recognise early symptoms of a problem, so non-physical interventions can be used to prevent a crisis.

The approach also provides methods to respond to a person when they are in a crisis, through diffusion and verbal and non-verbal calming techniques. Physical intervention methods are a last resort and only used to keep people safe.

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