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Anna unlocks memories of Greece with new volunteers

Anna is a 60 year old lady living in Cardiff in a Dimensions Supported Living Service. She is originally from Crete and grew up with her Greek parents, speaking Greek as a first language. Sadly, since the death of her mother in 2019 Anna has not had access to the Greek language. Anna is registered deafblind and has a severe learning disability. After having a stroke in 2018, Anna has lost most of her mobility.

Heraklion harbor, Crete
Heraklion harbor, Crete

Anna’s Locality Manager contacted the Volunteering Team to see if they could find a Greek-speaking volunteer to visit Anna and speak Greek with her. After initial delays due to the pandemic, we’ve now found not one but two Greek-speaking volunteers!

One of our volunteers lives in Crete, where Anna grew up, and has made beautiful recordings in Greek describing the island and local beauty spots that we hope Anna may remember. Anna’s support team play the recordings and add other sensory elements, giving Anna oregano to smell and sand and rocks to touch, at appropriate times in the recording, to help Anna recall her memories of the place.

Our second volunteer lives only a few minutes’ walk from Anna’s home. Since lockdown restrictions have eased, the volunteer has visited Anna in the garden, to speak Greek with her and play some Greek music. Since the start of the pandemic Anna’s social circle has become increasingly small and so her support team are delighted to introduce a new friend to spend time with her.

Anna’s team are keen to enable Anna to access Greek culture and increase her social interactions, so they are excited about the new possibilities that the volunteers may unlock, and thankful to the Volunteering Team for making it happen!


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