For people with complex health needs

Many people with learning disabilities or autism have additional needs such as epilepsy, dysphagia or secondary mental health conditions. Conditions which are not life-limiting if managed properly. People like John, Karen and Katy.

And yet, across the UK, people with learning disabilities die on average around two decades earlier than their non-learning disabled counterparts. This must change.

Dimensions is an expert at supporting people with complex health needs

Because our approach to supporting people is always bespoke to their needs, Dimensions is an expert at supporting people with complex needs such as these.

We passionately believe that good support around health and personal care is a prerequisite for a good life; much challenging behaviour occurs because a person is not in good health.

We work hard to ensure the people we support are registered with their GP. Personal Support Plans include Health Action Plans, and schedules for regular, comprehensive GP-led healthchecks.

We actively support the NHS ‘STOMP’ programme to greatly reduce the use of psychotropic medication amongst people with learning disabilities and autism. And we are active members of the NHS LeDeR programme, to reduce the premature deaths of people with learning disabilities.

And when a person’s health needs are well managed, there is time and space to be far more ambitious for that person. There will be more opportunities to develop relationships, access the community, seek work, to live an ordinary life just like anybody else.

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