Speaking out for equal rights

Jordan is a young man with cerebral palsy and mild learning disabilities who since being supported by Dimensions feels like his life has been transformed by the opportunities available to him – which he has embraced with enthusiasm.

Jordan represents himself and others with compassion and with absolute respect. He has a natural ability to command an audience whether in the UK or on an outreach trip to promote person centred support in India.

What Jordan hides well, however, is the physical and emotional strain that has on him and will often exhaust himself in order to reach out and influence how people see, hear and view people with disabilities.


A tireless advocate for others through his passion for local and national politics, Jordan is a leading spokesperson against the barriers facing people with learning disabilities and autism who wish to vote.

Jordan leads the Dimensions Love Your Vote campaign – an initiative that reaches so many and encourages people with disabilities to overcome barriers to their right to vote!

He also acts as spokesperson for the Dimensions #MyGPandMe campaign.

Jordan is skilled at telling a story using all manner of media, regularly speaking to journalists and on the radio.

Advocacy and Training

Jordan is employed by Dimensions as Health Equalities Lead and Quality Consultant.

Jordan Advocacy LDA Leaders' List 2018
Jordan’s work sees him working with a wide variety of people.

He’s fierce challenger in his role quality checking Dimensions’ support services for people with learning disabilities and autism. He’s a tough critic and able interviewer when supporting business support interviews and a wonderful story teller when training new staff.

Jordan supports, encourages and coaches his peers and is open to others coaching and supporting him, this bolsters one of his greatest attributes – humility.


As chair of the Dimensions council, Jordan directly advocates for others supported by Dimensions, bringing others together to find solutions, share stories and influence how Dimensions provides support to others.

What next?

Jordan was voted by peers to represent himself and others at Learning Disability England (LDE) – the increasingly influential membership organisation for people with learning disabilities.

He’s also an active member of the NHS ability community – promoting the rights and struggle for people with learning disabilities and autism to access consistently good health care.

Both of these give Jordan good platforms to effect change over the coming years.

Jordan also has strong connections with The Prince’s Trust – through various roles at the Trust he has met with members of the Royal family, MPs and various celebrities to raise money and awareness of the plight of young people across the world.

With the confidence gained from his ambassadorial roles at Dimensions, he now talks about how the Trust will shape his future and providing him with platforms to speak up for himself and others by sharing his life story to inspire others to reach for more, to fight for more.