Help us make GP practices more accessible – #MyGPandMe

#MyGPandMe is making doctors’ surgeries more accessible for people with learning disabilities or autism.

Latest research

Read our latest research report. #MyGPandMe Building Better Together is an insight into what disabled people experience in primary care settings.

We focus on how the building and environment impact on the people receiving health services, and the relevance of physical space to health inequalities experienced by people who have a disability.

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About the campaign

Our research found that almost a third of people with learning disabilities or autism feel less likely to be treated with care and concern at the doctors, and two thirds said their GP did not make reasonable adjustments for them.

Almost all GPs surveyed said they would like extra training in these areas.

The need is clear; so we developed #MyGPandMe – a campaign that is providing training for all GP surgery staff, sharing information and resources with patients and support teams and calling on policymakers to reduce health inequality.

We think it is unfair that people with learning disabilities are five times more likely to end up in hospital for preventable issues that can be treated by their GP (EHRC).

We think it is unfair that men with learning disabilities live 23 years less than the general population, and women with learning disabilities live up to 29 years less (

We believe that with the right training, a change in perceptions and a more person-centred approach to health care this can change.

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