Advice, resources and activities to get through the coronavirus crisis

The new coronavirus can cause an illness called Covid-19. This can affect the lungs and can be serious for some people. It has changed how we have to live and it doesn’t feel normal. There are lots of useful things to help us get through this together and we’re sharing some of them here.

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Dimensions #CoronaHeroes

We’re sharing some stories from our support workers to make you smile and show everyone why they should always be celebrated. Please share this and clap every Thursday at 8pm to say thank you, or click here to send them a kind message.

We think it’s important that the country and the government remember how important support workers are when this is over.

We hope our resources help you

Remember, it is important you talk to someone you trust if you start to feel unwell or unhappy. If you need to know more about Covid-19 (coronavirus) symptoms, please click here.