Free autism friendly training for museums

80% of autistic people feel excluded from their community. Museums are part of the community and Dimensions free autism friendly training can help your museum to be more inclusive.

The short video and written guide will help you on your journey to creating a more inclusive environment for museum guests on the autism spectrum.

autism friendly museums quote that reads "We are always excluded from many things... I think it's because my daughters autism is not so obvious and people find it harder to accept."

Why become an autism friendly museum?

We found that 80% of people with autism have felt excluded from their community because they worry about being judged.

Staff training, tolerance of noise and understanding from the public are the adjustments most important to people with autism and their carers.

Simple adjustments can make the world of difference to your current and future autistic guests. By taking the training you can help tackle isolation and exclusion.

If you take the training, you can apply to be included in our directories. We share these with over 20,000 social media followers and will be included in the 20,000 monthly views our autism friendly webpages get.

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