What is the campaign doing to change things?

#ImWithSam launched in 2016 and since then, we have been driving change and making things better for victims of learning disability and autism hate crime.

Working together is crucial for any movement and we’re grateful for everybody who has supported our fight against hate crime.

As well as providing training for all Dimensions colleagues on how to recognise the signs of hate crime and how to support people to report it, we’ve been working with organisations external to Dimensions.

Here’s an insight into who we’ve worked with and what we’ve achieved so far…

Working with the police

National Police Chief’s Council

In 2017 and 2018, Dimensions presented at the Annual Hate Crime Conference.

Police forces

To date, we have delivered workshops and training for to members of Essex Police, Surrey Police and Greater Manchester Police.

Working to influence policy

Law Commission

In September 2018 the government announced it was asking the Law Commission to carry out a review of hate crime legislation.

Petitions Select Committee

In 2018 we gave evidence to the select committee’s inquiry into online abuse of disabled people.

Home Office

Following from our work with the Petitions Select Committee, we worked with the Home Office in the lead up to the Online Harms White Paper in April 2019.

APPG for Hate Crime

We are engaging with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Hate Crime and will help steer their work.

Office for National Statistics

Our work with the Office for National Statistics has found people with learning disabilities and/ autism are four times more likely to be victims of hate crime.


Dimensions sits on the Hate Crime Reduction Board for the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime in London.

Working with academics and professionals

PSHE Association

Working with the PSHE Association, we have developed a range of KS3 materials for teachers to use with their students.

International Network for Hate Crime Studies

Our Campaigns Advisor – Dr Mark Brookes – presents on learning disability and autism hate crime with other specialists at national and international hate crime conferences.

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