How often are disability hate crimes committed?

Official figures state that 8,256 disability hate crimes were recorded by police in 2018/19. However, The National Crime Survey estimates a true figure of 70,000.

Currently, there is no way to officially see how many reported cases of disability hate crime were committed against people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

But our work with the National Office of Statistics found that people with learning disabilities and/or autism are four times more likely to be victims than people with other disabilities.

And our 2016 survey found that 73% of people with learning disabilities and/or autism had experienced a hate crime, 53% of which were within the preceding year.

However, only 48% of people said they had reported it to the police, which means learning disability and autism hate crimes are grossly under reported.

While a year on year increase in hate crime might look negative, it means more victims are coming forward and campaigning work continues to improve the system.

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