I am a politician or journalist. What can I do to influence change?

As a politician or journalist, you are in a unique position to spark real change. Our research, case studies and spokespeople can give you the fuel you need to make learning disability and autism hate crime a national priority.

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Headline statistics

The Office for National Statistics estimate that 70,000 disability hate crimes occur every year, and our work with them has found that people with learning disabilities and/or autism are four times more likely to be a victim.

Official recorded figures for hate crime puts it at just 8,256 disability hate crimes for 2018/19.

Our original hate crime research found that 73% of people with a learning disability and/or autism have been a victim of hate crime, but 48% of people never reported it to the police. Our subsequent research has found that 78% of people believe they were specifically targeted for abuse because of their learning disability and/or autism.

Real stories

Please talk to us about quotes and real stories – we regularly collect anonymous stories through our research and have included some across these webpages.

Our spokespeople can provide more information, statistics and stories.


We consult and work with experts with lived experience throughout all aspects of the campaign. Two out of three of our hate crime spokespeople have learning disabilities.

Dr Mark Brookes, Campaigns Advisor

Mark has a learning disability and a passion for ensuring people with learning disabilities are safe, while remaining independent.

Mark often speaks publicly about disability hate crime and is an advocate for people with learning disabilities and autism being treated equally. He regularly hosts training sessions, presentations and workshops on learning disability and autism hate crime.

Mark is one of our Learning Disability and Autism Leaders 2018 for his achievements in ‘Advocacy, policy and the media’.

“For a long time, people with a learning disability and autism have not been believed or taken seriously, even when it comes to their experience of crime and abuse. This has made people lose confidence in the system.”

Andie Gbedemah, Dimensions Public Affairs Manager

Andie is Public Affairs Manager at Dimensions and works on the #ImWithSam campaign. She’s spoken to the media and politicians about hate crime and why tackling it is so important.

Andiw has co-developed and co-delivered #ImWithSam training for police officers with her colleague, Dr Mark Brookes.

Andie also works with government, parliamentarians and other bodies to inform their work on learning disability and autism hate crime and leads on responding to consultations and inquiries on hate crime for the organisation.

“Hate crime against people who have a learning disability or autism is a significant barrier to equality and inclusion. I am passionate about raising awareness of this issue and demanding better justice for victims.”

Contact our spokespeople

If you would like to learn more about you can support #ImWithSam as a parliamentarian or a journalist, please contact Andie via alexandra.gbedemah@dimensions-uk.org

#ImWithSam campaign highlights

Since 2016, we have worked with…

The National Police Chief’s Council and police forces across the country to train over 1000 officers on learning disability and autism.

Surrey police have seen a month on month increase in the number of recorded disability hate crimes in the area.

The Law Commission, who we continue to work closely with as a stakeholder in focus groups to prepare for the 2020 public consultation on hate crime.

The Office for National Statistics to address recording and reporting of learning disability and autism hate crime specifically.

Parliamentary groups and committees to provide evidence of learning disability and autism hate crime, while pushing for policy change.

The PSHE Association to develop approved, key stage 3 teaching resources free to download.

The International Hate Crime Conference to present to leading academics and policymakers across the world.

We will continue working with government, police forces, academics and other people and organisations to drive local and national change.

Watch the videos and use the buttons below to find out more and get in touch.