For people with complex autism

Roughly one in three of the people we support are autistic. People like Edward, Barbara and Alan. For many, autism is their sole diagnosis. For others, autism complicates a picture that also includes learning or physical disabilities, and mental or physical ill-health.

Just as the nature of autism varies widely between individuals, so too does the support we deliver. However, in general it is fair to say that autism, for the people we support, has often been hugely debilitating in their lives. We support many individuals who do not use speech to communicate. Whose behavioural triggers are varied, and whose behavioural responses can range from mild to severe. Whose life has sometimes been characterised by reduced opportunity, locked doors and prone restraint.

We approach supporting people with complex autism in fundamentally the same way as anybody else. Believing in the individual, and being ambitious for him or her. Delivering personalised support, informed by behaviour support insights. Working in close partnership with commissioners and families to establish the right goals, recruit and train the right support teams, and source the right housing.

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