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Getting the most from your One Page Profile

Several years ago, when Dimensions first introduced the One Page Profile as a key part of our person centred planning, it was clear they would have many uses.

Corporate Project Manager, Jo Greenbank, blogs

Your One Page Profile tells us about you. It tells us what others like and admire about you; what is important to you and how to support you well.

We first used them help us work with families and people with learning disabilities, paying particular attention to how we might match people with the right support staff.

As we have progressed on our personalisation journey, One Page Profiles have also become part of how we work outside of support environments.

Staff all across the organisation, including the Board and our Executive Team, have their own One Page Profiles. It’s far from window dressing – One Page Profiles help us collaborate well together and get the most from each other in our day to day working relationships.

Here are some of the diverse ways we now use One Page Profiles with all of the people we work with:

Recruitment and selection

Shortlisted candidates are sent our One Page Profile template and ‘top tips’, and we ask them to follow the guidance so they can bring their completed One Page Profile along to the interview.
This takes a lot of the guesswork out of interviews and helps us ensure we recruit the right people. We also use them to match staff with people we support.

Performance management

We use One Page Profiles in both supervisions and appraisals to ensure staff are being supported properly and to make sure we know what is important to people. We discuss whether anything needs to change.

Learning and development

The One Page Profile can be used in a number of ways in this area. In team building and induction training, for example, we use One Page Profiles to help people get to know each other, to know what is important to each other and to know how best to support each other.

This reduces the chances of potential conflict as colleagues understand each other better.

We also use them to inform team plans and project plans so everyone is clear about each person’s role.


Staff use their One Page Profile to introduce themselves to people both within the organisation and outside the organisation.

People are encouraged to send One Page Profiles before meeting individuals, teams, families or external bodies. We have found that they are a good way of sharing information about each other before meeting and putting a face to a name.

We also ask others to complete One Page Profiles before meeting with us. For example, when a number of people we support met with the Department of Health we requested that Ministers each completed one!


Some teams, including our Board, have even chosen to set up a team One Page Profile, to help set the culture and expectations of that team, and share that with their colleagues.

That is just some of the ways we now use our One Page Profiles. How do you use yours?