If things go wrong

There are times when, as relatives, you know that something is wrong and will want to get it sorted straight away.

At Dimensions we will make it our priority to work with you to resolve the issue, as quickly as possible.

Talk to a member of staff

If you have a concern about the support your relative is receiving from us, in the first instance, you can talk to your Locality Manager or Operations Director who will work with you to solve the issue locally.

Use our ‘Find local services’ search box at the top of the page to find someone near you.

If you don’t feel like you’re being listened to contact one of our Family Consultants who can work with you and your relative’s staff team to help find a solution.

Follow our complaints procedure

We have a formal complaints procedure and there is an independent whistleblowing hotline available.

Download our Family Factsheet about making a complaint

Find out more about making a complaint.

Alternatively if you would like to share a compliment you can download our  Family Factsheet about sharing a compliment

Find out more about sharing a compliment.

To find out more about the support options we offer in your area, click the button below: