Plain English factsheets

In this section you’ll find our factsheets, written specifically for loved ones of people we support.  These are written in a clear and simple way, designed to help you understand our support and make decisions about whether or not your loved one is supported by Dimensions.

If you can’t find the answer to a question, please contact our Family Consultants.

Recruiting staff

How we match the right staff to your relative, involving them and their families in the process.

Download our Recruiting staff factsheet

Managing staff performance

We take staff performance very seriously. Every year each member of staff has a performance review – from the Chief Executive through to the support workers and office staff.

Download Managing staff performance factsheet

When things go wrong

There are times when, as relatives, you know when something is wrong and will want to get it sorted straight away. At Dimensions we will make it our priority to work with you to resolve the issue, as quickly as possible. Find out how to raise issues or concerns.

Download our When things go wrong factsheet

Sharing a compliment

We want our staff to be the best they can be for the people we support.

If you know someone who has done great work and would like to praise them, share your story with us.

Download our Family Factsheet about sharing a compliment

Checking the quality of our support services

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission/Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales and by the Homes and Communities Agency. We have also developed our own standards that exceed the requirements of our regulators. Find out how we monitor and check the quality of our services.

Download our Checking the quality of our support services factsheet

Food and nutrition

We aim to strike the right balance between what the people we support want to eat and what will keep them healthy. Find out how we support people to eat healthy and nutritious food that they enjoy.

Download our Food and nutrition factsheet

Health series – DNAR

The first in a series of factsheets written to inform families about health issues that might arise in their loved one’s life. Everyone gets ill at some point in their life. We think it is better to have all the information you need ahead of a health concern or crisis so that you can make advance plans in a more considered way.

Download our Health series – DNAR factsheet

Money matters

We take your relative’s finances very seriously. Find out how we can support you to understand personal budgets and funding, and how we support people to manage their money and keep it safe.

Download our Money matters factsheet

Welcoming diversity

We respect and support the culture, faith and values of every person we support, their families and our staff. Find out more about our perspectives on equality and diversity.

Download our Welcoming diversity factsheet

Positive about risk

We want to help the people we support to live fulfilling lives and, sometimes, this means taking measured risks. Find out how we balance risk and safety to increase independence.

Download our Positive about risk factsheet

Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

Treating everyone equally doesn’t mean treating everyone the same. Find out how the people we support, who have profound and multiple learning disabilities, have choice and control over their support and lives.

Download our Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities factsheet

Communicating with each other

Conversations between families and Dimensions are crucial to delivering effective support. Find out what we do to listen and to update you about your relative’s support.

Download our Communication factsheet

Just Enough Support

The principle of Just Enough Support means that your relative will receive enough support to stay safe, happy and healthy whilst building their independence and reducing the need for paid support. Find out more about what it means for you and your relative.

Download our Just enough support factsheet

One Page Profiles

A One Page Profile is one of our range of person-centred thinking tools that gives a good introduction to a person. It is often the basis for more detailed person-centred plans and can be adapted for use in a wide range of situations. Find out more:

Download our One Page Profiles factsheet


Personalisation is about putting individuals firmly in the driving seat of their own support. Find out more about what it is and why it’s so important in social care.

Download our Personalisation factsheet

Being involved with Dimensions

Dimensions wants family members and friends to be involved in their loved one’s life, as well as in how we’re run. Find out more about the many ways to get involved.

Download our Being involved factsheet

Facts for families: Mental Capacity Act

This brief guide has been written for families with a relative who has learning disabilities and/or experiences autism.

The guide explains what the Mental Capacity Act is and what it means for families, how mental capacity is assessed, how we support people to make decisions and how we work with families. Alongside further information, help and advice

Our two family consultants are both carers themselves and have written the guide for family carers whose relative is supported by Dimensions.

Download our guide to the Mental Capacity Act

Facts for families: GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK as of 25th May 2018.

It is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all citizens of the EU and will apply to the UK whatever happens with Brexit.

Download our GDPR factsheet

Facts for families: Challenging funding decisions

Do you buy your or your loved one’s support through a Direct Payment or Individual Service Fund? Has the number of hours you can buy gone down? Find out how council funding works, your rights and how to challenge if you disagree with a decision.

Download our Challenging funding decisions factsheet

Facts for Families: Assistive technology

‘Assistive Technology’ means products which can be used to help with daily living. This covers very technical solutions like eye-gaze technology but also products like talking photo albums, touch lamps and medication dispensers. It is also sometimes called Technology Enabled Care.

Download our Assistive technology factsheet

Facts for Families: Family Portal

The family portal, co-designed with Dimensions’ families, provides you with a brilliant new window into the daily life of your loved one. And by bringing you even closer, we think it will help make our support better, too.

Download our Family Portal factsheet