Recognising Outstanding Contributions

Welcome to ROC stars! ROC stars is a special award for people Dimensions and Discovery supports. Anyone we support who is contributing to their community or helping people can be nominated by anyone who knows them. Everyone who is nominated gets a certificate and celebration award!

People can be nominated for making a positive difference to their lives or for those around them. This could be anything from running a group to picking up a pint of milk for a neighbour.

What do people get?

Everyone who is nominated is a ROC star so everyone will receive a certificate and a token of achievement.

Everyone’s story will be published and available for Dimensions colleagues to read. Remember, this is an award for people we support so stories won’t be published externally.

Once every 3 months a panel, including people we support, will choose one Change Maker who goes forward to be considered for the annual Ultimate ROC star award.

It’s time to nominate your ROC star!

Are you already thinking of people we support who could be a ROC star? Nominate them and make them smile, it only takes a few minutes. And remember that the form is always open so you can continue to nominate people who ROC your world.