Terms and conditions

ROC stars is a great way to recognise how people Dimensions and Discovery supports are contributing to their communities or helping other people. Please read through these ‘Terms and conditions’ before you make your nominations.

Nominating people for ROC stars

Nominations are only open for people supported by Dimensions and Discovery. But anyone can nominate someone we support.

All nominees must be supported by Dimensions or Discovery at time of nomination.

It is the responsibility of the person who nominated to let us know if the person they nominated is no longer supported by Dimensions or Discovery and wants their story removing from colleague communications.

The nomination options have been designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Nominators can email rocstars@dimensions-uk.org if adjustments are needed.

Individuals with a learning disability and/or autism can nominate people for the ROC stars award.

Groups with people who have a learning disability and/or autism can be nominated for the ROC stars award or members of the group can be nominated individually.

Anybody nominating somebody else must have direct contact with the person they are nominating and will be responsible for relaying messages and helping us all work together successfully.

Previous nominees can be nominated again, but they must use a different story from their previous story.

We encourage multiple nominations for different people. Please nominate as many people you think deserve recognition.

Selecting the Change Makers

Every 3 months a panel will choose one Change Maker.

There is no set criteria for this, because lots of different people with lots of different types of stories deserve a chance. But we are looking for people who are making a positive difference to friends, loved ones, neighbourhoods and communities.

We will let the nominator know their nominee is a Change Maker before we publish it to colleagues.

Selecting the Ultimate ROC star

Once a year a panel will choose one Ultimate ROC star.

Everyone throughout the preceding year who has been chosen as a Change Maker is automatically put forward to the Ultimate ROC star award.

There is no set criteria for this, because lots of different people with lots of different types of stories deserve a chance.

The Ultimate ROC star will be selected in Winter.

The panel

The panel is made up of Dimensions Group colleagues and members of the Dimensions Council.

The panel aims to be as diverse as possible and will always include people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

As the awards are ongoing, the panel is likely to change.

The panel holds the right to choose and replace panel members accordingly.

If you would like to know who it on the panel please email rocstars@dimensions-uk.org We reserve the right to keep any members details private if it is in their best interests.


All personal data shared with us is protected under the General Data Protection Regulations.

This means we will not share any personal data supplied with anybody else without consent.

We will share the stories submitted with only those involved in the ROC stars awards.

We will get consent to share stories internally (with Dimensions Group colleagues) and externally (with the public). We will not share stories without this consent.

We store data across a number of secure platforms. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

It’s time to nominate your ROC star!

Are you already thinking of people we support who could be a ROC star? Nominate them and make them smile, it only takes a few minutes. And remember that the form is always open so you can continue to nominate people who ROC your world.