Independent cinemas autism friendly screenings

We encourage smaller chains and independent cinemas to take our free online autism friendly training and host their own screenings. Use our map to find a trained venue near you.

We encourage local cinemas to let us know they have taken the training and tell us about their brilliant work. After a short assessment, we may include them on our directory.

Know a cinema doing great autism friendly work that’s not in the listing? Ask them to get in touch with us!

How do I find out what’s showing?

This map shows their Google Place which includes their name, address, website and sometimes phone number. Please use these details to find out what they’re showing and book your tickets directly through them.

I have some feedback, who do I tell?

While we encourage as many cinemas as possible to take the training, we don’t control the autism friendly adjustments made at smaller chains and independent cinemas.

If you have any feedback please speak with them directly. But, if you have a positive story to share about their work, please get in touch so we can give them the recognition they deserve.

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