Autism friendly with Belong by GAME

We are waiting on a statement from Belong by GAME about Covid-19 and possible store closures. Please check with your local venue and visit this page for updates and information.

We’re proud to parner with Belong by GAME to support autism friendly adjustments at their Arenas.

Know someone with autism who lives near Bristol, Cardiff, York, Manchester Trafford, Hull or Preston?

This is a brilliant opportunity for them to find a hobby in gaming, in an inclusive environment with welcoming and likeminded people.

Everyone is welcome to play games in this inclusive environment

What is a Belong Arena?

Belong Arenas are separate areas at some GAME stores where customers can play the latest video games on the latest equipment –including high tech gaming PCs, Playstations and Xboxes.

Belong Arenas are already quiet, welcoming spaces where some people with autism go to meet new people and try new games.

We’re helping Belong take this forward by introducing a range of autism friendly adjustments and training staff in autism awareness.

The training was written in partnership with people who have autism, staff at the participating Belong Arenas and our in-house experts.

It covers a range of topics, including: understanding autism, communicating with people who have autism, supporting customers before and during their visit and hosting events.

We will continue to support the participating Arenas and encourage them to do more to engage potential customers who have autism, and their peers.

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