How we can promote your museum

Our autism friendly webpages get around 20,000 views each month, we have over 25,000 followers across our social media platforms and publish regular autism friendly enewsletter. You’re doing a wonderful thing by using our autism friendly training and becoming an autism friendly library. We’d like to thank you by sharing your work with our audiences.

You could be…

Featured on our national maps

We have 1 live map and 1 map in development that your library could be listed on;

  • 1 which includes all autism friendly environments, including cinemas, libraries and museums
  • The map in development will be dedicated to museums.

You can apply to be included on these maps, which could be seen by the thousands of visitors we get to our webpages every month.

List your library on our national maps, be featured in our enewsletter and social media spotlights.

Shared in our enewsletter spotlight

We send regular email updates to thousands of people and your library could be featured in the spotlight.

We can include:

  • An introduction to your museum
  • Details of the adjustments you’ve made
  • An autism inclusive event you’re hosting
  • A photo, quote and links to your website and social media channels

We will encourage you to apply to be featured in our enewsletter once your place is secured on our national maps. One spotlight is available in our enewsletter each month.

Shared on our social media channels

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We’re proud to have over 25,000 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and would like to share this network with libraries doing outstanding autism friendly work.

We can:

  • Post your autism friendly journey on Facebook
  • Create a spotlight Facebook event for your autism inclusive event
  • Post a spotlight tweet about your autism friendly museum
  • Retweet some of your tweets
  • Post photos of your museum with a story about your journey on Instagram
  • Connect with you and share your journey on Instagram

We will encourage you to apply to be shared across our social media networks once your place is secured on our national maps. Up to 2 spotlights are available on our social media channels each month.

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