Your free Voting Passport

Polling stations should have disabled access, and staff should help make reasonable adjustments so people with disabilities can vote.

You may have to talk to polling station staff about what support you would like.

Barry has severe learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and is communicates non-verbally. He voted in 2015.

It’s important to remember that everybody with a learning disability has the right to vote and so long as they can communicate who they wish to vote for, somebody can complete the ballot paper on their behalf. Our Voting Passport is useful if you decide to vote in person.

Using your Voting Passport

  1. Download your free Dimensions Voting Passport using the button below
  2. Fill in your details, including your name and how you would like to be supported to vote
  3. Show it at your polling station and let staff there know you would like support to vote
  4. If they have any questions, show them the list of your rights and help them understand your legal rights to vote